Private Sessions

Private Yoga

The Prancing Peacock offers private and duet yoga instruction for those students wanting to get one on one attention for their yoga practice. Learn the basics, fine tune a particular pose you are working on, and receive feedback on which classes are best suited for you. Also good for students with particular physical issues in their bodies.
Pricing: $85 for 60 minutes, $108 for 60 minute 2-person session

Private Barre

The Prancing Peacock offers private and duet barre instruction for those wanting one on one instruction in practice. Private barre sessions are great for those who are new to a barre or have specific questions about their barre practice .
Pricing: $85 for 60 minutes, $108 for 60 minute 2-person session


Body Reading

Body Reading, what does that mean?? It is an interactive assessment of posture and movement. During a Body Reading consultation, Theresa acts as a guide to a practice of self exploration. The practice brings awareness to fascial patterns in areas that limit movement, cause pain, discomfort and inflexibility. The issues in the tissues reflect past injuries, activities, compensations and patterns visible in posture and movement. Body Reading, like yoga, is a mindful study of self awareness. Fascia and yoga connect, get to know them both and restore the natural qualities and abilities of the body’s fluid movement. It is the first step on a journey toward being at ease.
Pricing: $85 for 60 minutes

Private Fitness Training

Prancing Peacock Fitness Training with Igor for private and duet sessions. You will strengthen your core, upper body and lower back, create good cardio,. Igor will use a variety of fun and intense routines, including weights, TRX, your own body weight, Bosu and medicine balls and Step that will increase your energy levels and will will make your body feel stronger within weeks.
Pricing: $85 for 45 minutes


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