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About The Peacock Nest

A nurturing yoga community for mommies-to-be, babies and teens, and those in-between
to play, practice, and learn together.

Nest Classes

In this fun 6 week series, your child will improve their strength, flexibility, and coordination while learning to embrace their unique spirit! Yoga encourages your child to become more aware and knowledgable of their own amazing bodies! Through various postures, your child will realize their unique potential and experience the reward of using their body in a positive way. Self-acceptance, mutual respect, and confidence are discovered through the challenge and fun of noncompetitive group practice.

Practicing yoga helps children develop patience, thoughtful cooperation, and key problem solving skills while supporting healthy bodies and positive choices. Children will learn various individual and partner poses, basic anatomy, and stress relieving meditation and breathing techniques.

6 Week Series
Fridays, 5:00-5:45pm in Yardley

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Spend a relaxing Sunday with your family! Bring your kids for a playful yoga class. Each class includes yoga poses, breathing exercises, mantra meditation, games, partner poses, and more. Family Yoga is designed to give you and your children the physical benefits of yoga (flexibility, balance, and increased strength,) as well as self-confidence, communication skills, and improved focus.

This class is open to all family members - parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. No previous yoga experience required. This class will be held outside, weather permitting!

Price: $20 for 1 parent/1 child. $5 each additional person.

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Little Families is geared toward toddlers aged 2-4 years and their caregiver (younger siblings are welcome!) This special class combines yoga, stories, songs, games, and social interaction for a fun 45 minutes.

A great way for your family to enjoy an activity that includes everyone! No yoga experience needed.

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This interactive series will challenge and support your preteen on their personal journey of physical and emotional expression! Yoga provides a noncompetitive opportunity for young people to strengthen your bodies and balance their minds in a group setting. Through various poses, meditation, and breathing techniques, your preteen will learn more about their own amazing bodies while being encouraged to respect and appreciate themselves and others. Personal creativity, independence, and confidence are discovered in a supportive and safe space.

The skills developed in this series will teach your preteen how to handle real life issues like academic stress, peer pressure, and insecurity. All levels are welcome and help to encourage patience, respect, and support!

6 Week Series:
Fridays, 5:00-6:00pm in Yardley

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Yoga for a mommy to be! Perfect for those who have been practicing yoga or are new beginners! Come nourish you and your baby in this class.

Connect with baby and other expectant mothers, and prepare the mind and body for labor using asana, relaxation techniques, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Yoga can make a significant positive difference in your experience with pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum. With your doctor or midwife's permission, prenatal yoga is safe for women to practice.

6 Week Series:
Sundays, 4:30-5:30pm in Langhorne

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Postnatal yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect to and reclaim your body after pregnancy and birth, but finding the time and space to do this in your new life with a baby can be challenging.

A Mommy + Me yoga class is a wonderful opportunity to come to yoga... with your baby. This class is especially designed for mom's and their newborns of 6 weeks old until crawling.

We will focus on asanas that build strength and stamina for postnatal bodies, as well as empowerment for women on the adventure of motherhood. Some gentle baby massage and stretches will also be included, as well as yoga poses to practice with your baby.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reward yourself with a yoga practice that your baby can attend and take part in, as well as connect with other mom's and babies on a similar path.

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Come enjoy this fun bonding class focused on breathing techniques to relax you and your baby. We will incorporate gentle baby massage and stretching, games, stories, and playtime, as well as yoga poses for mommy.

This is a great way to meet other moms and babies! No experience necessary.

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Enjoy the present moment with your family! 30 minutes of kid friendly meditation to relax the whole family. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For ages 4+.

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Nest Schedule

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Please sign up online to reserve a spot in class. Call us with any questions. 267.679.0791. Namaste!

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